GE Dresser Roots Meters

Roots Series B3 Meters are designed to provide accurate gas measurement over widely fluctuating flow, pressure, and temperature conditions. For further versatility, the five smallest meter sizes (8C through 3M) have 2” (50mm) flanged connections, and a 6-3/4” (171mm) flange-to-flange dimension. If application requirements change, this unique, cost-effective feature allows a quick and easy meter exchange without the need to re-pipe the meter set.

Capacity ratings from 800 CFH to 56,000 CFH (22,6 m3/h to 1,600 m3/h)
Maximum operating pressure rating of 175 PSIG (12 Bar)
Operating temperature range from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C +60°C)

GE Dresser Series B3 Meter Installation Manual


SZ Turbine Meters

Lightweight, Aluminum Construction
Maximum Working Pressure 175 PSI
Permanently Lubricated Bearings
Low Frequency / High Frequency Pulse Output Standard
Rugged Mechanical Index Rotatable Through 360°
Self Supporting Line Mount Design
Mount in Any Position
Direct Read Odometer Type Index
Rangeability: 20 – 1
Operating Temp. 0°F. – +140°F.

SZ Turbine Meter Information Bulletin

Meter Accessories

Meter Flange Kits

Flange kits include all the equipment necessary for mounting a meter in a pipeline. A kit consists of forged steel flanges, zinc plated bolts, gasket strainer and neoprene gasket.

Available for Roots and SZ Wafer Style Meters

Gasket Strainers

A gasket strainer helps protect against potential damage to measurement and regulation equipment caused by occasional introduction of weld slag, pipe shavings or other debris. Utilizing a 20 or 80 mesh screen and available from 2” to 8”, the use of a gasket strainer comes highly recommended for clean natural gas service.

Available for Roots and SZ Wafer Style Meters, as well as any flanged regulators or valves.

Flange Gaskets

High quality neoprene gaskets, full-face or ring type, are required to fit between 125/150 lbs. flanges.

Available for any meter, regulator, or valve with flanged connections

Meter Valves

Also known as ”Lockwing” gas valves, they are ideal for building a meter set with a bypass.

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More Information on Meter Accessories

Electronic Remote Totalizer

R1-GCE Remote Totalizer – Remote Volume Totalizer
R4 Remote Totalizer – Remote Totalizer with Flow Rate Indication and Analog Output

The Remote Totalizer line is an inexpensive way to remote read, totalize, normalize, standardize and retransmit pulses or obtain instantaneous flow rate.

More Information on Totalizers